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一、Tospinos Registration Operations

Ⅰ.  Home Page

1. Enter the URL:; clickSign in;


2. Click Register now.


II.  Fill in the Information

By following the tips, You please:

1. Fill in your phone number;

2. Enter verification code;

3. Fill in e-mail(optional);

4. Set a 6-20 digital password for logging on;

5. Re-confirm the password;

6. Enter the invitation code (optional);

7. Click NEXT STEP;


8. Fill in the company name

9. Shot & Upload the Business Place and User Selfie

10. Fill in the detailed location and address

11. Choose the Business Type

12. Read and check“Registration means that you agree to the TOSPINO Law Agreement and the Privacy Policy; and click REGISTR;


13. Registered successfully.





二、Tospino’s Help Center

1、My Order

①Change/Cancel the Order

Users can cancel the order on Tospino before the delivery.

Operations: Click “My orders”, “Pending delivery” and “Cancel the Order” respectively.

Users have to cancel the original order first if they want to change it, and then re-order the relevant product.

Attention: Users cannot cancel the order if it is being delivered. To avoid the complex Return & Refund procedures, you can reject the package directly after its arrival.

Note: In rare case, due to the system design, users may fail to cancel the order even if they have clicked the button-”Cancel the Order”. You can reject the product after its arrival. The platform will refund your money after the warehousing of the rejection.

②Check the Order

You can check the order on Tospino after the delivery to know the delivery process by clicking into “My orders”.

③Payment Method

Online Payment (VISA, Slydepay, Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigo Money, Vodafone Cash Prompt, Balance)

Cash on delivery

Attention: If buyers choose COD, they should pay for the products on the scene after its arrival. Our transportation specialist will not give you the product if you fail to pay the product in full.


2、Delivery and Dispatching

①Methods of Dispatching and Date of Delivery

All orders on Tospino are dispatched by our official teams. Tospino warehouse will send out packages within 72 hours after the ordering.

②Delivery Range

All regions

③Time Needed for Dispatching

The time needed for dispatching is within 0.5 or 15 hours according to the shipping address. There may be a delay when the weather is bad. Wait and ensure your phone is available



How to Cancel My Account?

At present, Tospino's account cannot be directly canceled. If you want to change the current one and continue to use Tospino, click “Log Out ”to switch the account.

Change Account Information

If you need to modify such basic personal information as name, phone number and email address, click into “My orders”, “Set the account information” respectively.

How to Change the Password?

a. Modify the login password

You can enter into the interface of changing passwords by clicking into “My orders”, “Change the password” respectively, enter the original and new passwords, and "Submit" the change.

b. Change payment password

You can enter into the interface of payment by clicking "My orders", "Change the password" respectively, enter the original payment password and the new password and click "Submit" to complete the modification.

④If You Forgot Your Password

On the login interface, click "Forgot Password" and follow the prompts.

How to Switch / Logout Account

a. Click "Account" drop-down setting and select "Log out"

b. Enter your account information to complete re-login

Add / modify shipping address

a. Click "My orders" ;

b. Click "Manage the shipping address";

c. Fill in the information and click “Save”.

On the "Manage the shipping address" page, you can set the default address. The system will automatically select your default shipping address when each order is submitted..