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一、How Can Buyers Purchase Goods


Ordering Process for Overseas Buyers  

1. Login the Account

If you are a regular user, please directly enter the user name and password to log inor by dynamic code.

If you are a new user, please use your mobile phone number to create an account and click "Log In".



2. Select Commodities


3. Buy Now/Add to Cart

Enter the order placing interface to fill in the required information, such as purchase quantity and specification, and click "Add to Cart" to finish the adding. Or you can click "Buy Now"; the settings interface will pop up; you should set the payment password (it should be set for the first purchase of goods).



4. Confirm the payment

Confirm the order information and fill in the "Shipping Address (you please kindly fill in your correct contact number and shipping address so that you can receive the goods in time). Choose “Method of Payment(Online Payment/Cash on Delivery)" .submit the order after confirmation (anonymous purchase can be selected).



1Online Payment (new users should fill in the payment password at the first time of  choosing online payment)

a. Select the payment method and click Confirm;




b.Login the payment account and pay the order(the order will be canceled automatically if it is unpaid within 30 minutes).


Note: If you choose pay by balance, but it is insufficient, please contact the customer service to top up the balance .


2Cash on Delivery

Note: If you choose Cash on Delivery, you shall pay all of order amount on site after goods are delivered to the designated address. If you can’t fully pay, our couriers will not give you the goods.



submit the order after confirmation (anonymous purchase can be selected).


5. View the Order Information

If the payment is successful, you can view the order details and logistics information by "My orders".




二、How Can Consumers Add Shipping Address

1Enter the URL:; click “Account”, and choose “My orders”;



2Click “Manage the shipping address

Fill in necessary information: consumers must leave the correct phone number and details shipping address while placing an order for timely delivery.


3Click “Save” after you fill in all information.



三、How to Change/Cancel Orders

How to Change/Cancel Orders

Users can cancel orders before the delivery.

1. Enter the URL:;

Click My orders



2.Click into “All orders, and select the orderand Click Cancel;



3.Select a reason and click Confirm


If users want to change the order, they must cancel the order first, and then place a new order.


Note: if your order has been sent out, and it cannot be canceled; please refuse the order directly.


In a few cases, the order can’t be canceled even if you click “Cancel the Order”; please refuse the goods when products arrive at door; Tospino will refund you after the warehouse staffs check the return.