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One Director of Overseas Warehouse

Responsibilities and requirements:

(1)   Responsible for the warehouse management overseas, including airline transportation from China to the target country, import clearance, delivery management, communication with local logistics departments, etc..

(2)   Responsible for the access to the import country; arrange warehouse workers to put items on shelves, to count, pick up and deliver goods, etc..  

(3)   Promote operation processes in the warehouse; keep the security and integrity of goods; ensure the data consistence of warehousing, delivery, system and physical items.

(4)   Responsible for the exchange & return process and controlling warehouse cost but ensuring smooth operations.   

Responsible for managing all warehouse workers overseas, and making training plans and assessment standards to create a professional team.


Over 1-year working experience on warehouse management; be good at spoken English; learn fast the relevant policies of local governments or foreign countries, such as tariffs, taxation, labor management and the hire of talents. WORK PLACE: ACCRA, GHANA


One Promoter of Overseas Market

Responsibilities and requirements:

1. Responsible for the product promotion and advertisement investment on App Store and Google Play; adjust and improve promotion strategies according to promotion data to initiate the good efficiency and results.

2. Responsible for the operation and promotion on overseas social network and media, such as  Facebook, Youtube and Twitter; planning relevant activities.

3. Responsible for the research work by overseas channels or platforms; managing social media; monitoring and analyzing user’s quality; and making a report.

4. Responsible for the product promotion and making brand marketing strategies by product features.

5.   Assist leaders to explore the overseas market by promotions and operations.


10 Packers(high school degree)

1. Don’t need to go to church on Sunday; work hard; finish work automatically and positively; obey the arrangement;
2. Relevant working experience in a warehouse is a priority; the same as packing experience.
3. Given the heavy tasks of packing, applicants should be cable of finishing such daily tasks as picking up, labeling, cartonning, packing, delivering, etc..

1.   The position is responsible for the product preparation and delivery in Accra.


30 App Promoters(high school degree)


1.Responsible for the promotion of Tospino app; encouraging offline stores to download Tospino app for free.

2. Exploit new markets and new customers to expand the market coverage.

3. Be familiar with product categories, app downloading, registration, searching, ordering and other processes; lead customers to know and use Tospino app.

4. Responsible for the collection, organization and analysis of customer data; feeding back to the assistant.

5. Cooperate with all departments in the company; emphasize user experiences; feed back user’s advice, complains and suggestions timely; improve customer satisfaction.

Promotion areas:

1 . Ho. 2.Wa.3.Tamale.4.Bolgatanga.5.Koforidua.6.Takoradi



Email :

Number :   0302949239