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Privacy Policy

Tospino, (which is named“we”below), makes a firm commitment to protect users’ information and privacy. The following policy will explain something of how your information is treated. This policy applies to all relevant services provided to you by Tospino (including but not limited to electronic commerce, network information, network social intercourse, internet financial service, etc, which hereinafter referred to “Tospino Service”or “Service”.)  If you don’t disagree with any items of the policy, you should stop using Tospino Service at once. When you are using any services provided by Tospino, it means you have consented that we use and protect your personal information lawfully in accordance with the policy.

Ⅰ, What your personal information will be collected by Tospino?

We collect all the information to provide you with better and more personalized service, and strive to improve users’ experience. What information we collect is as following: 
1 The information what you provide to us.

The information when you register a Tospino account, fill in and submit while using Tospino Service or others, including your name, gender, date of birth, ID number, passport name, passport number, telephone number, E-mail, shipping address, Tospino Wallet, E-bank account, bank card information and other relevant additional information (like the city, postal code of your address), is provided by yourself. You can choose not to provide parts of information or any information, but this may prevent you from enjoying many of our characteristic service provided by Tospino. Please understand that we use the information you provide in response to your request and facilitate service during shopping period on Tospino. That can improve Tospino website and communication with you. In addition, we may cassociate the information you provide with the Tospino account you register to identify you.          
2 The information we get in the process of you enjoying the service.

In order to improve the quality of service and users’ experience, we will retain relevant records of how you use and the service you enjoy. Such record is as following.
1 The information of your browser and computer. When you access Tospino website or enjoy Tospino Service, Tospino system will automatically receive and record the information of your browser and computer, including but not limited to your IP address, type of browser, language, date and time of accessing, characteristic information of hardware and software, the data of website record what you require, etc.)

2 Your location information. When you download or use Tospino and applications developed by its affiliated parties or cooperative partners (such as Tospino APP), access mobile website to enjoy Tospino Service, Tospino may read your location (Most of mobile phones are allowed to close positioning system. For details, we recommend you’d better to contact the facilitator or manufacturer of your mobile device).  

3 The information of your mobile device. Tospino may will read the terminal device information you used when you access or use Tospino, including but not limited to device model, device ID code, operating system, resolution ratio, telecommunications operator, etc.

4 Your action and transaction data. Tospino may record your actions when you access Tospino website or enjoy Tospino Service, and the relevant information what you transact on Tospino website.
In addition to above information, we may also obtain your other information in order to provide or improve the service for reasonable needs. It includes the information you provided while contacting with our customer service department, the reply you sent while participating in questionnaire survey, and the relevant information we obtain when you interact with the affiliated parties and cooperative partners of Tospino.       
In the main time, in order to improve the security of Tospino Service and prevent from Phishing Website and Trojan Virus accurately, we may estimate the risk of your account through some methods of your network usage habits or software information you often use, etc, and may record some links we think those are risky (like “URL”).   
3 The information comes from the third parties.

You authorize that Tospino obtains relevant information collected by Tospino’s affiliated parties or cooperative partners when you register Tospino account and enjoy Tospino Service, including but not limited to your ID information, actions, transaction, device, etc. Tospino will summarize all information to support you the better or more personalized service, or prevention of internet fraud.
You have learned and agreed, it doesn’t apply to the User Privacy Policy for the below information. 
1 The keyword information you type in when you use the search service provided by Tospino.
2 Credit rating, violation of laws and regulation, or violation of Tospino platform rules, and actions taken by Tospino against you. 
3 The enterprise name, relevant industrial and commercial registration information, as well as the information of corporate natural person operator which required by laws and regulation.  
4 The protocols you sign with Tospino or affiliated parties of Tospino, (including electronic agreements you signed online, such as Users Instructions ), as well as the clear items in the rules of Tospino platform or indications that you don’t apply the privacy policy related to you. 

Ⅱ, Our management and use of your personal information.

In order to provide the better service, improve our service quality, and optimize users’ experience, we will use your personal information within the limits of law for the following purposes: 
1 Provide you with the services you use, as well as maintain and improve these services.
2 Recommend to you the content that may be of your interesting, including but bot limited to sending products and service information, or presenting personalized third-party promotional information to you through the system, or sharing information to Tospino cooperative partners beyond your consent so that they can send something to you about their products and service data. If you don’t want to receive the above messages, you can unsubscribe through the corresponding function.       
3 We may use your personal information to verify your identify, prevent, detect and investigate some actions of fraud, endangering security, illegality or violating the protocols, policies, rules of Tospino or Tospino affiliated parties, so that it can protect legal interest of you, other Tospino users, Tospino and Tospino affiliated parties.       
4 We may combine your personal information coming from one service with the information gathering from other services to provide you with more personalized service. For example, your information will be used, shared or disclosed to make you have a wider social circle through shopping.    
5 We will make a statistics for the using status of Tospino Service, and may share to public or third parties to show the overall usage trend of our products and service. But these statistics won’t contain any identifying information about you.  
6 Invite you to participate in investigations related to our products and service.  
7 Other usages with your consent or authorization.

Ⅲ,  Share your personal information. 

The protection of your personal information is an important part of our services. We will abide by the legal laws and regulations as well as undertake an obligation to keep your information confidential.
1 Get your consent or authorization.
2 Conform to laws and regulations, or accord with administrative or judicial requirements. 
3 For the purposes of “our management and use of your personal information”, or to fulfill our obligations and exercise our rights under Users Instructions and the privacy policy, we may share your personal information to Tospino affiliated parties, cooperative partners or the third-party carried out some duties on behalf of Tospino, such as a communication service provider who issues a push notification on our behalf, a payment institution who processes bank cards, etc.    
4 If you are a qualified intellectual property complainant and have filed a complaint, we may disclose it to the defendant at the request of defendant so that both parties can better handle rights disputes that may arise.   
5 Only by sharing your information can you enjoy the services you need, or handle disputes or argument between yuu and others.  
6 When you violate Chinese relevant laws and regulations, or the corresponding protocols you signed with Tospino, (including electronic agreements you signed online), or breach relative rules of Tospino platform, it needs to disclose your personal information to the third-party.  
7 For maintain the legitimate rights of Tospino and other affiliated parties or Tospino users. 
With the development of Tospino’s business, we and our affiliated parties may conduct mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers or similar transactions, your personal information may be transferred as part of such transactions. You will be informed before transfer. 

Ⅳ, Security of your personal information.

Tospino makes our best effort to ensure your personal information security. With various methods of systems, security technologies and programs, etc to prevent your personal information from unauthorized access, tampering, disclosure or destruction. If you have any questions about “security of your personal information”, please contact our customer service. When you have transactions of online commodities and services with third-party through Tospino, you will inevitably disclose your personal information, such as you contact information or postal address, etc, to the counterparty or potential counterparty. Please protect your personal information in security, and only provide it to others if necessary. If you find your personal information was divulged, especially your account and password, please contact us immediately for the timely appropriate measures taken by us.  

Ⅴ.Access and update you personal information.

You can check the whole of your personal information you submit on Tospino on “My Tospino”page , “Account Setting”. You can also update other personal information through the above approach, excepting real name authentication (which is your name and ID information you verify). If you need to change your real name authentication information, please apply for via calling 95118 hot-line.

Ⅵ. Usage of Cookie and Network Beacon.

1 Usage of Cookie
Cookie is the text file stored on your access device by web server. You Cookie assigned to you is unique and can only be read by the web server in the domain issued by Cookie. 
With using Cookie, Tospino helps you personalize your online experience, making it easier for you to access Tospino and its affiliated parties. For exemple, Cookie will call your personal information to help you simplify the process of recording your personal information, (like one-click login, etc.), on the next access to Tospino. Provide you with the shopping preferences safely. Optimize the selection and interaction of advertising to you. Protect your account in security, etc.    
You have the right to accept or refuse Cookie. Most browsers automatically accept Cookie, but you can usually modify your browser settings to refuse Cookie based on your requirements.  
2 Usage of Network Beacon
There are usually some electronic images on the Tospino page, (which called “single pixel” GIF file or “Network Beacon”). They can help website calculate browsing users or access some Cookie. Here are some methods that Tospino uses network beacon:  
1 Tospino uses network beacon to calculate users’ amount through Tospino website, and identify registered users by accessing Cookie.
2 It can provide some personalized services on the Tospino website in terms of Cookie information that Tospino gained. 

Ⅶ. Personal information security for minors.

Tospino thinks highly of personal information security for minors. If you are a minor under the age of 18, please prior to get your parents’ or legal guardian’s written consent before using Tospino service. Tospino protect minors’ personal information in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.   

Ⅷ. Notification and amendment.

To provide you with the better services, it will change from time to time for Tospino’s business. The privacy policy will be adjusted accordingly. We will notify you the relevant updated version and content on Tospino website, mobile terminal. Please also sign in Tospino to know the latest privacy policy. For the privacy policy, if you have any questions about your personal information or privacy during using Tospino, please contact Tospino customer service. We will do our best effort to deal with for you.